What is FAU-G game? And what is so special about it?

FAU-G Cover

Following the modern culture being promoted by PM of India, Atmanirbhar (English self-reliant), Bollywood legend Akshay Kumar announced on his twitter handle about the development of FAU – G, a title which relates with PUB-G.

The timing could not have been better – with PUB-G out of the way and Indian gamers already warmed up, FAU-G could milk an established category. The valuation loss to Tencent could be as much as 14 bn $ because of a recent decision by Govt. of India. With no other player in this category – 100% of this value is up for grabs. And nothing is stopping such player to expand into international market.

But what is so special about this?

Apart from a star like endorsing the game, the game promises to share 20% of net revenue with the #BharatKeVeer foundation. This builds a positive sentiment amongst users and is definitely a good way to market the app to masses.

With tension between two countries growing – what other apps do you think are going to be launched from India in coming weeks? Comment below.

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